How It Works

We’ve designed the whole application process to be as simple and as straight forward as possible. It’s so easy to use that anyone can do it. Below is a run down of how it all works and what you need to know/do in order to apply for one of our payday loans.

The Application Form

You’ll be presented with our online application form if you click any of the apply buttons dotted around our site. The form itself is extremely easy to fill in. We just ask you some basic questions about your employment status, when your next payday is and of course some personal information about you. Our form is one of the easiest loan applications you’ll ever use and that’s the way it was indended.

The Loan Offer

Once you have submitted your application form you’ll instantly be presented with a loan offer. It will detail the amount and the term the loan needs to be repaid over. It may or may not be the full amount you’ve requested but you’re not obliged to process should it not meet your expectations. Assuming all is well with the offer you will click to accept and confirm the agreement.

The Transfer

Assuming you accept the loan the funds will be deposited direct to the bank account which you have specified during the loan application process. Usually the funds are sent instantly but sometimes they take an hour or so to arrive. Then once that is done all that is left for you to do is enjoy your money (and of course pay back the loan in the time specified). Payday Lender - Registered Office; 4 Spring Bridge Road, Ealing, London, United Kindom, W5 2AA.